Growing the sector

Growing the sector

Small Business is the “Engine room of the economy”. While this is often the reference, most programs of support target the top 5-10% of small business in the hope of getting a single business to employ more, export or purchase substantial equipment.

There is also the hope that one of these businesses will become a gazelle, leaping from the pack and suddenly turning over tens of millions.

Let’s challenge that approach. If the top 10% are targeted the best we can hope for is to improve a few in the top 10%.

What if instead, we grew the pyramid?

What if instead of focussing on the top, we focussed on the bottom?

What if we sought to attract and support more start-ups and helped them survive in the formative years?

The result. A bigger pyramid. More in each level. More in the top 10%. More chances of a gazelle. More employment. Substantially MORE employment. More families supported. More jobs for our children. More communities developed. A better economy.