Change the pitch

Change the pitch

If small businesses are supported in becoming more professional their chance of survival increases. In doing so, we increase the numbers that make it to the top of the pyramid.

Traditionally support is targeted at those that are already at the top of the pyramid. Those that are classified as Gazelles that have leapt out of the herd and raced towards substantial growth.

What if we changed our thinking. What if instead of focussing on the tip of the pyramid, we sought to strengthen the entire pyramid. In doing so, more businesses would survice and flourish. More would go on to become gazelles, More would employ, more would contribute to the economy………why?

Because there would be more small businesses!

If we help businesses in their early stages to survive the first few challenging years, we increase the pitch of the pyramid

Target survival rates for the first 5 years. (Survive till 5 support)