Code of Ethics

SCALEUP Code of Ethics

The performance of SCALEUP activities involves community service and public trust. It is important that ScaleUp staff, mentors, partners and advisors (hereafter referred to as Members) conduct themselves accordingly in their public contacts and in their relationships with business, partners, the community and other SCALEUP Members.

The fine character and outstanding dedication of SCALEUP Members and the resultant high standards are a source of pride to the Membership.


1. SCALEUP Members shall at all times during the performance of their services, conduct themselves in such a manner as to not discredit themselves or SCALEUP.

2. SCALEUP Members shall not accept or participate in SCALEUP mentoring or other activities which create a conflict of interest between their mentoring or other activities and their or their family’s outside business or financial activities or interests.

3. SCALEUP Members, because of their unpaid volunteer status, will neither charge nor accept fees, honoraria or things of value as payment for individual mentoring or other services on behalf of SCALEUP except as agreed otherwise by the Board.

4. SCALEUP Members shall neither directly charge or accept fees or things of value for assistance in the preparation of loan applications, nor accept so-called “finder’s fees” for the location of lending sources.

7. SCALEUP Members shall not accept fees, commissions, “kick-backs” or things of value from third parties as a result of recommending any services, equipment or supplies, nor shall they recommend the purchase of goods in which they have a direct or indirect interest, financial or otherwise.

8. SCALEUP Members shall at all times protect business information relating to their clients which has been obtained or furnished in confidence from unauthorised disclosure.

9. SCALEUP Members, when advising clients about obtaining professional or other services or goods shall identify several sources from which the clients may select.

10. SCALEUP Members shall not advertise, solicit or propose the use of their outside businesses in the course of their mentoring and/or other SCALEUP activities without the express permission in writing from the CEO and in agreement with the client.

11. SCALEUP Membership is not to be used as a source or basis for developing business contacts for personal or family financial gain.

12. SCALEUP Members shall not directly or indirectly become officers, directors or shareholders in, or provide funding (by way of investing, loans or otherwise) to, an organisation which has sought mentoring or other assistance from SCALEUP or has received it at any time, unless approved by the Board.

13. An SCALEUP member assigned to mentor a client may not become a paid consultant for, or accept other employment by that client without the approval of the Board.

14. SCALEUP Members shall not discriminate in any of their SCALEUP related activities against any person because of race, colour, national origin, religion, gender, age, marital status, disability or citizenship.

15. SCALEUP Members shall seek advance advice from the Chief Executive Officer about the propriety of any action or inaction which he/she may have reason to believe may be, or may lead to, a violation of the Code of Ethics, before he/she or others engage in the activity or fail to act.